5 minutes without a freak dance accident

5 minutes without a freak dance accident

Accidents happen!
but they don't have to ruin the fun. In fact, they can even add to the excitement of the dance floor!  Whether it's stepping on someone's foot or bumping into a fellow dancer, leaders doing surprise aerials or followers doing unannounced dips on themselves.

We've been in countless accidents ourselves! All from misinterpreting the leader so that we've done a suprise volcada (In tango, this means to "lean" on top of your partner) to salsa where leading the follower into a quick spin (if she has long hair and braids in her hair) results in an awakening whip in your own face.

That's why the "5 Minutes Since the Last Freak Dance Accident" t-shirt is so refreshing! This shirt not only acknowledges the reality of dance floor mishaps but also celebrates the spontaneity and fun of dancing. Stuff goes wrong and it's ok! Lets get try to laugh at them, in retrospect, and get better together!




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