We Are passionate about your passion

Our lives have always revolved around music and dance in one way or the other. From thrifting for weird and rare CDs and LPs (we're that old) in damp cellar bazaars to learning the hard way why you should thoroughly clean your flute if you try to play it with your nose.

We Are a small-scale business with large ambition

We do this for those who doesn't share our passion yet. It's simple: We want to create an approachable community to help more people dare to explore both music and dancing for hobby.

We Are in love with individualism

It's not just merchandise. It is you. Everything started with us not feeling we could express our enthusiasm about being in the moment with music. We started designing our own clothes and from there we've gone down a road which have led to this.

We Are serious about being silly

When we grow old we want to remember giggles. And lots of it! We want lots of memories to remember of which we have shared with those we loved. You can always count on us being dead serious about being silly and we invite you to spread the feelings!

but most importanly: