A male wearing a black T-shirt with the text "Dj, I choose the music" with an image of a DJ playing music

Dj's choose the music

As a DJ, you know how to set the tone and get people moving on the dance floor. Whether you're spinning the latest tracks or digging deep into your vinyl collection, you've got the skills and the style to keep the party going all night long.

And of course we take requests! But can that one person who keeps requesting an obscure hardstyle song at a Line dance event PLEASE just chill...

So why not wear your love for DJing on your sleeve - or rather, your chest - with our "DJ" t-shirt? Whether you're rocking it at a club, a music festival, or just lounging at home, this tee is the perfect way to show off your love for music and the art of DJing. Order yours today and get ready to turn up the volume!




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